Representative Larry Lee, Jr. drops by Realtors® Commercial Alliance to talk Algae, Homeownership and Insurance Fraud


The Realtors® Commercial Alliance (RCA) had a special guest drop by their morning monthly meeting last Tuesday in Port St. Lucie. Representative Larry Lee, Jr. spoke to the RCA on a multitude of issues including local water quality, protecting homeownership and how the State is handling the burgeoning assignment of benefits problem. Representative Lee has some extra time on his hands now as he was reelected to the Florida House of Representatives without opposition.

The main topic of discussion for this meeting, as it has been for almost every meeting with elected officials lately, was the Blue-Green Algae that plagued our waterways earlier this summer. Rep. Lee touched on Senator Joe Negron’s proposed $2.4 billion land purchase to store 120 billion gallons of water. The idea behind the proposal is that the new storage would be large enough to ease the harmful discharges from Lake Okeechobee into the St. Lucie estuary. Representative Lee commended the proposal but also conceded that the legislative process for bills to make it to the floor is not an easy one, especially for an issue as controversial as this.

After addressing the Blue-Green elephant in the room, Representative Lee touted a few accomplishments from the 2016 Florida Legislative Session. He proudly reported he helped to secure $5 million for homelessness programs, funding for the State Housing Initiative Program (SHIP), half a million dollars to combat unlicensed real estate activity, and reassured members that he did and will continue to protect the Sadowski Trust Fund; an issue near and dear to Realtors® hearts.

An issue that Realtors® have become more and more vocal about is the proliferation of non-storm water claims and assignment-of-benefits abuse. The increase in these (sometimes fraudulent) claims is causing Citizens Property Insurance to raise their rates and could reverse the depopulation of the corporation. Representative Lee explained that, unfortunately, there are a few bad actors that prey on unsuspecting homeowners and the result is increased insurance premiums for everyone. He stated that State Legislators are working on numerous ways to stop companies from “padding their claims” to increase their own profits at the expense of taxpayers.

The Realtors® Commercial Alliance and the Realtors® of St. Lucie County would like to thank Representative Larry Lee, Jr. for taking the time to speak to our members. Click HERE for the entire St. Lucie County Election roster.