Industry Alert! Delray Beach Fire Assessment


Tomorrow night, the Delray Bach City Commission will vote to move forward with phase two of their Fire Assessment Fee study. If the Commission approves the study, it will be one step closer to raising taxes on homeowners. As it currently stands, the City would tax a person that lives in a single family home, condo, apartment or townhome $80.88 per year. According to the study, the City would raise taxes by $4,000,000.

Why Would Delray Beach Increase Taxes by $4,000,000?

To answer that question, we have to look at the results of the 2018 election. Amendment 1 on the 2018 General Election ballot would have granted homeowners an additional $25,000 homestead exemption, according to This means that is Amendment 1 passed, local governments would have lost revenue and potentially needed to cut services.

However, Amendment 1 didn’t pass.

Local governments no longer have to make up for the revenue losses. The City of Delray Beach initiated the study because it felt like it needed to replace the lost revenue. If they’re not going to lose money, why raise taxes? Oddly enough, the City of Delray Beach was expected to lose roughly $4,000,000 if Amendment 1 passed. RAPB+GFLR encourages all REALTORS working and living in Delray Beach to attend the meeting tomorrow and oppose the continuation of the study. If you cannot attend the meeting but would like to send an email in opposition of the study, please email RAPB+GFLR Government Affairs Director Bryce Sartory at or call 561-644-1458.


The City Commission voted 3-2 in favor of moving forward with the fire assessment fee study. RAPB+GFLR Public Policy staff and leadership will meet with the Commission in the coming weeks to advocate against this tax for ours seniors on fixed income, low income households and small businesses.