Voter Registration Ends Soon!


Voting. It is one of the few things we are voluntarily asked to do almost every year by our Country. In order to cast your ballot on November 8th, you must first register to vote. The process is quick, easy, seamless and it can all be done in less time than it takes you to read this post. The deadline to register to vote in November's Presidential Election is October 11th here in Florida. Do you want to change your party affiliation? You must fill out a new voter registration form by October 11th. 

"I won't have the time to leave work on election day to vote", you might be saying to yourself. Don't worry, Palm Beach and St. Lucie County participate in early voting! Early voting gives each registered voter the opportunity to cast a ballot at any early voting location from October 24th-November 6th (even on the weekends). Make your voice heard this election. Hit the buttons below to register and find an early voting location nearest to you.