Vote No on St. Lucie County Fire Assessment


When you enter the polling booth on August 30th to vote in the Primary Election, those of you who live in St. Lucie County will have to cast an additional vote; whether or not to add an additional assessment from the St. Lucie Fire District on your property taxes.

What is an assessment?

An assessment is an additional fee (non-ad valorem) that will be added to your regular property taxes (ad valorem). The main difference between non-ad valorem and ad valorem taxes is that ad valorem taxes are tied to the value of your property; meaning the more your home is worth the more taxes you will pay.

In the case of this non-ad valorem assessment, every single homeowner will pay $50 extra. If you own a commercial building, and brace yourself if you do, you will have to pay even more taxes! For example, if John owns a 5,000/sq. ft. commercial building he will have to pay an additional $450 on his property taxes without seeing an increase in his level of service. Doesn’t sound fair, right? That’s why the Realtors® Association of the Palm Beaches is speaking up for property owners across St. Lucie County and opposes this assessment.

Now, just because we oppose the assessment brought forward by the Fire District doesn’t mean we don’t like firefighters. Quite the opposite, Realtors® need a city or county to have a great fire department. It makes selling homes that much easier! What we do oppose is the potential Triple Tax Increase St. Lucie County property owners will see if the millage rate stays flat and voters approve this fire assessment along with the ½ cent infrastructure sales tax increase on the November ballot.

Whether you vote early or on August 30th, the Realtors® Association of the Palm Beach urges you to go to the polls and vote no on the Fire Assessment.

The official language on the August 30th ballot

The official language on the August 30th ballot