The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is the nation's largest, most successful and most bipartisan political action committee. RPAC helps to elect pro-REALTOR® candidates to office across the United States, regardless of their party affiliation. RPAC represents more than 1 million politically active REALTORS® nationwide and more than 180,000 REALTORS®in the state of Florida. RPAC does not buy votes, but it does give us access by helping elect public policy decision-makers which in turn assures REALTORS® the opportunity to present our views and be heard. It does not matter if the candidate is part of the Republican or Democratic Party as long as they are part of the REALTOR® Party.

  As a Realtor®, what has RPAC done for me?

  • More than $24,000 saved per home sale by preserving the Mortgage Interest Deduction

  • Capped outrageous estoppel certificate fees at $250 for unit owners who are current in their assessments

  • Saved Floridians over $600 million by preserving the 10% cap on non-homesteaded properties (Amendment 2)

  • $2,300 per Realtor® saved annually by defeating the Sales Tax on Services

  • Saved St. Lucie County Property Owners an estimated $9 million per year by defeating the Fire Assessment Ballot Initiative

  • Saved the fixed income residents of Greenacres over $1 million by defeating a Fire Assessment Fee ordinance

  • Fighting for lower property taxes in Palm Beach, Broward & St. Lucie County